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Postby Michael » 29 Jan 2015 21:12


a few changes:

1. More flexible language setting.
2. in news window: Clipping of too long texts.

Still on my list:

1. Size stored correctly
2. Mouse pointer vanishing


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Re: 1585

Postby Daniel78 » 30 Jan 2015 18:35


Unter Konfiguration Schalter geht unter "OK" "Abbruch" ein grosses leeres Feld mit auf.


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Re: 1585

Postby lindjiguy » 31 Jan 2015 03:04

Any thought to adding a "Show Radar" option under the View menu? For those of us that use the DJI Phantom, this would be extremely helpful since this feature is so helpful to understand the position and direction the quadcopter is flying. For a description of this radar feature in the DJI Phantom app, checkout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-67aCuPssY

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Re: 1585

Postby ThomasC » 31 Jan 2015 11:27

I feel free to mention a thing that's a bit irritating, but present in every Heli-X version: some of the bigger scale models tend to "stick" to the ground with one skid and break free with a sudden tilt while taking off. Models I experience this with:
- T-Rex 600 AS350B Ecureuil
- AH-1Z
- Lama
and some models in v4 which I still (have to) use on one old Win-XP machine w/o OpenGL2.0

Not so much of an issue, because these are not my favourite models, but sometimes I love the experience to fly a rigid model completely without stabilization (Lama).

Hope it's okay to point this out here, as it's not related to 6.0.1585

Another thing: when using "Pause when lost focus":
- the lost focus time seems to accumulate a delay when focus gets back to Heli-X -> the longer Heli-X is paused, the longer it takes to react again (all versions with lost focus option)
- when downloading large data, e.g. airports/sceneries download after fresh install, and toggling focus between Heli-X and some other program (mostly browser and e-mail), the sound of the active helicopter is activated, although the helicopter itself is paused while download

Experienced under Win7-64

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