Virtual Joystick

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Virtual Joystick

Post by mic360 » 15 Feb 2017 10:27

I just disovered two very helpful tools for connecting input devices to HELI-X: Using these, it becomes possible to combine selected axes of one or more physical physical joystick devices into one virtual joystick.
Up to now, I was only using a simple 4-axis USB remote control emulating device and the keyboard to control HELI-X functions, while the Logitech G940 that I normally use for X-Plane and MFS was sitting idly around. Now, with the aforementioned tools, it is possible to create a virtual joystick, and along with the four axes of the USB remote control mix-in a fifth axis for controlling RPM from the G940 throttle, and then use that so customized virtual joystick as the HELI-X input device. Even more so, also the 8 buttons of the G940 throttle controller (or any other connected USB joystick device) can be customized to control selected HELI-X functions such as recovery.
Since I did not play around with RPM control very much so far, it was very interesting to observe the effects of smoothly changing RPM during flight, particulary in the low RPM range.
A word of caution: "ujr" makes use of AutoHotKey (, which is a very powerful input redirection tool under Windows - and insofar could be misused for injecting malicious code into end-user systems. For that reason, when subjecting ujr to a virustotal check, several warning flags are raised. However, as stated here (
... . When antivirus vendors try to add the signature of the malware to their databases they often accidentally add the signature of the AutoHotkey interpreter instead, resulting in a false positive.
- Michael -

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Re: Virtual Joystick

Post by Michael » 17 Feb 2017 22:40

Very interesting, thanks.

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