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Simulator Setup

Postby Mgfiest » 07 Dec 2015 22:26

How to you setup the simulator to be used for a beginner so that it is not aggressive as if flying a real rc heil.

I do not want to use the the transmitter settings.

I noticed the cyclic nick box, the cyclic roll box and rudder box and have their setting as 70/30, 70/30, 100/0

but for the throttle, collective pitch and gyro config... I have tried every combination to make it feel like a beginner but does not work.

So what do I put in those last 3 boxes to make it work.


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Re: Simulator Setup

Postby Mgfiest » 16 Dec 2015 11:58

92 ppl have viewed this.. and no one knows... so much for those that want to use this software as a beginner tool... :(

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Re: Simulator Setup

Postby ThomasC » 16 Dec 2015 20:31

sorry, haven't found your posting until now. The forum software had problems last week, so people might have not been able to answer.

Define "beginner". What exactly do you expect? Reducing dualrate and increasing expo is a setting you already configured right. For CP helicopters, there simply is no method to make it easy for beginners to fly, and that is what is simulated. When I started to fly CP back in 2012, it took me one week of everyday sim training (1 hr or longer per day) to be able to take off and land without crashing. After that hard time I managed to start, hover and land a 450 size flybar helicopter (real model!), first crash after a total flight time of 3 hrs, thanks to simulator training.

In case you just want to cruise around, maybe a model helicopter simulation is not the right thing for you (applies to all rc model simulators, not only Heli-X). Which goal do you want to achieve? Do you already own a CP model? Really controlling a CP model helicopter in fact is hard to learn, but it's definitely possible..

For first time flights it's a good idea to use a 700+ size helicopter model. Perhaps those are easier to control for a beginner.

Have success ;)

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Re: Simulator Setup

Postby JS1 » 16 Dec 2015 22:41

You can adjust throttle and pitch curves the same way as expo and DR using the flight mode menu. But taking from your HF posts you have a problem with your settings anyway so this might not work altogether. And no need to mess with the gyro settings. They are ok by default and won't make it any more 'beginner' at all. As Thomas has said, starting out with a CP heli is never easy, not in reality and no matter what sim.

Edit: Maybe try a quadcopter and use idle-up 1 for stability mode. Maybe that's what you expect? At least it helped me at the very first steps to get a sense for the control inputs.
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