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Buttons and flight modes and special functions

Posted: 08 Aug 2015 20:47
by helinoob
A couple of questions.
  • I'm using my radio as the controller in the 5 channel mode (finally that I have a working adaptor). I'm using curves, expo settings and dual rates in the radio, not in the heli settings. I'm using the radio flight mode switch. As a result, Hel-X has no idea which mode I'm in, as the flight mode switch does not directly correspond to any input. Is this an intended mode of operation?
  • The radio has toggle switches, not push buttons. I try to assign the start/stop recording function to a switch. However when I toggle the switch on, Heli-X interprets this as a push button being pushed continuously, and then proceeds to start and stop recording every second or so. The workaround is to flick the switch on and off quickly, so that Heli-X only registers one "button push". Is there a more direct method? Perhaps there should be a way to assign actions to "on" and "off" events separately.
Thank you for the great software and please continue the good work.

Re: Buttons and flight modes and special functions

Posted: 12 Aug 2015 14:08
by ThomasC
@noob: you have to calibrate and configure five channels in order to use your TX like you do with real models (flightmode, autorotation, dualrate, expo). Heli-X doesn't need to be aware which flight mode you are in, as long as your TX sends the correct channel values. When using five channels, your switches don't need to be configured within Heli-X. This is only necessary in 4-channel-mode, but you have to set up your TX to send different values on a free channel when configuring the switches in Heli-X (is done while you calibrate your controller inside Heli-X).

Have success :)

Re: Buttons and flight modes and special functions

Posted: 12 Aug 2015 20:31
by helinoob
Thanks, that what I have thought, just wanted to clear my doubts.