Tribute to Nepal earthquake victims

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Tribute to Nepal earthquake victims

Post by JS1 » 28 Apr 2015 18:14

Our hobby of flying RC helicopters is huge fun and I too enjoy every minute of it. But actually we can consider ourselves very lucky for this. Because sometimes we get reminded that especially helicopters perform their most needed tasks under terrible circumstances. One such tragedy was the one of the earthquakes in Nepal in the past days. Even though images can only give a tiny impression of the real loss, the devastation, the grief and sadness this earthquake has caused, they have really moved me – maybe too because they are such a surreal contrast to this otherwise so beautiful and peaceful country:


To think of the victims and remind to help the survivors I was inspired by this image to create that special texture for the AS350 Ecureuil in Heli-X - an AS350 rescuing wounded from Mt.Everest basecamp after the earthquake:


I wanted to make a texture that has a meaning. So if you chose to fly with it, please take a moment to think of the victims:

Update the heli as usual in the HELI-X menu "look for new helicopters".

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Re: Tribute to Nepal earthquake victims

Post by gyropilot » 06 May 2015 04:04

Very nice and thoughtful!
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