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Postby Michael » 05 Jan 2015 06:40


you may update. Changes wrt 1564:

1. Rotation direction in hover and promenade training respected
2. The settings for collective pitch in these two trainings are respected
3. Detail window: Now the helicopter is printed even when fare away (1000m instead of 500m).

Thanks for your feedback


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Re: 1566

Postby Winger69 » 05 Jan 2015 20:34

now the GUI is nearly perfect (in my opinion). Even the menue is good readable with the actual color combination.
Two litle things could be better
1st - the detail window doesn´t show the heli during record playback. Don´t know if it´s possible or not.
2nd - the airspeed indicator ends at 300 km/h - I think i need a bit more :D :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

all in all it´s a very good update so far.
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Re: 1566

Postby howard » 06 Jan 2015 05:51

Hi Michael

I think the system is getting to where it should be, It seems stable and the graphic performance is good.. On my Macbook at least anyway..

But saying that and as you are currently in a development cycle. I also think there is an opportunity to tidy a few things up and polish the software a bit.. It is fine and I guess as guys that build and fly Helicopters we like to tinker but there is a lot that can be done to make the software a lot more acceptable to the end-user.. For example I would suggest simple things like when you select a Utility, rather than have the key to the file as it looks like, you could have a nice name, Move the description to the right of that with the photos of the utility next to it.. Also when you select one unless you read the manual you haven't an idea what position X,Y,Z would mean or what to put in there..For someone that has used the software before it fine but the software is good enough to move to the next level. so either put a description in there or set some default and allow the person to drop and move the objects around.

Another example is to display when you selecting an Airport or Chopper that does not exist on your system. Have an indicator to show that they are in the cloud as such, or already installed, this will save you having to select one only to find out after the event that is does not exist. Also words like "Object does not exist" does not make sense to the layman. They don't know what an "Object is" Rather have an error message that says. The airport Dune 45 in not installed on your system, would you like to download it from the Heli-X server?" also because if you choose not too, and just close the dialog box then you have nothing but a blank screen and you need to select one again. it should at least go back to the screen before. its just little simple things like this that take already great software to the next level..

I am not are if you want to enhance it to this level or happy to leave it in the tech space..

Anyway just my comments


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