3D Scenes for FPV?

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3D Scenes for FPV?

Postby jk6stringer » 15 Nov 2014 17:07

Does anyone know of a good site to download additional 3D scenes? Or if there is a way to import other sims scenes?

Id like to do some FPV flying and there is not much to choose from in the current version.


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Re: 3D Scenes for FPV?

Postby JS1 » 17 Nov 2014 10:38

Don't think you can use scenes of other sims - or wouldn't know. 3D scenes are modelled to work with Heli-X, others are most likely built differently.

So far I wasn't much modelling anymore but may have more time in winter. Do have a scene in mind with a bit a rugged hill and an old fort on top. But also so many new helis I'd like to model but don't find any time to... Will see :| .

If you like modelling with Blender or another program, I'm sure Michael can give you some hints to build a 3D scene. Not that complicated.
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