Configuring for Phantom 2

Tips for the tuning of the helicopters / Tipps für die Einstellung der Helis
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Configuring for Phantom 2

Post by greytail » 29 Mar 2014 18:18

I have just bought the Helix 5 software for practicing flying with the Phantom 2. I am on a Mac running Maverick and my USB Controller is recognized by the Heliix software. It is this controller here:6CH USB 3D RC Helicopter Airplane Flight Simulator
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I am completely at a loss as to how to configure this properly. There are switches and levers in addition to the two joysticks. I have no idea what the switches and levers do and what position they should be set in! In trying to configure, I have managed to get the Phantom to fly, but for one thing, the joysticks are reversed when compared to the Phantom controller....Is there a recommended xml file for this that I could download?

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Re: Configuring for Phantom 2

Post by JS1 » 31 Mar 2014 20:33

The good news is, your transmitter is recognized and working. Now, you can simply go to the configuration menu of Heli-X and reverse the stick inputs that are in opposite direction. Just check the signal bar to move in the right direction.

Then, in the same menu in another section you can assign the switches. You are free how you'd like to assign, but it would make sense to have one for autorotation/hold, idle up 1 and 2.... or similar, depending on your liking.
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