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Re: Interface Poll/Umfrage

Post by Crasher » 27 Jun 2016 10:11

I run Heli-X on a semi-daily basis and it's helped me greatly in learning and practicing my skills. It's a fun and high quality piece of software and I enjoy it a lot.

I've been using Heli-X6 with the following:
Intel i5 PC with Intel graphics card
Windows 10
Hitec Aurora 9X transmitter

I've been using an Esky gutted 4 channel controller that I bought from a local hobby shop and it worked fine until it suddenly died after about a year. After replacing it's built-in USB cable it worked again but had a lot of jitter and I had to calibrate it every time I wanted to use it.

I've bought a 6 channel USB interface cable from rcflieger96 on eBay and it wouldn't detect the aileron channel or any of the buttons so it was useless. The seller just asked for it back and refunded me.

I've bought the Hobbyking USB Simulator Cable All in One. They don't put much details about it on the site and it ended up being a 4 channel so only stick control works. No flight modes or autos. If anybody's looking for a cheap 4 channel interface that works I can recommend it.

I've bought the Hobbyking 6CH RC Flight Simulator System (Mode 2). Also no success. Windows joystick calibration detects it as 6 channels just fine but Heli-X6 only detects the sticks. No buttons. so again, no flight modes, no autos, besides using the keyboard of course.
IMPORTANT - I wouldn't recommend this gutted transmitter to anyone for use as a 6 channel for helicopters with any simulator because the toggle switches will not function as required in any case. The right-hand toggle switch can't be used as Throttle Hold because it internally mixes the elevator and aileron channels in a weird 45 degree angle that I can't imagine how anybody would benefit from. It even has been sticker labeled "MIX" and I don't think it can do any other function unless you physically alter the circuit on the board inside the controller.

Finally I've been trying to use SmartPropoPlus with a simple mono audio cable connecting my Aurora 9X to the PC microphone jack. SmartPropoPlus does it's magic and detects 9 channels. It's monitor shows them all reacting correctly to the inputs and it reads "fully operational".
Unfortunately as soon as I load Heli-X (within 10 seconds or so) I get a popup message from SmartPropoPlus that reads "Audio signal is OK but cannot calculate joystick position" and all functionality is lost. Following this interference Heli-X detects nothing from the transmitter. Interesting to note: Heli-X does read the channels from SmartPropoPlus perfectly for a few seconds before the interference begins.
I haven't found a way around this yet. Any ideas?

In conclusion I just can't find any hardware solution for more than 4 channel functionality on Heli-X.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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Re: Interface Poll/Umfrage

Post by RedDog7 » 28 Oct 2016 23:47

I'm running windows 10 (with all updates) Interlink controller (USB) Purchased it with Real Flight. Heli-X latest Demo version. 6.0.1616. I have no stick input whatsoever. I've spent hours fiddling around with it, but all sliders stay at maxed out. The Buttons on the Interlink work OK and it runs perfectly on Real Flight and Aerofly RC7 Deluxe. My purchase of Heli-X depends on whether I get the Interlink to work.

I have also tried getting the XBox (wired) controller to work, but it's exactly the same problem.

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Re: Interface Poll/Umfrage

Post by Heiko » 19 Dec 2016 21:08


Betriebssytem: Windows 10
Interface: BMI Gamepilot, RX2SIM Freakware, Sender Graupner MX 16, Empfänger GR12L
HELI-X 6.0

Nutze HELI-X schon seit einigen Tagen mit BMI Gamepilot alles i.O.
Wollte im Früjahr zum Rasenmähen das erstemal live einen Hubi nutzen.
RX2SIM, MX-16, GR12L gekauft und lange erfolglos gefühte Hunderte Möglichkeiten ausprobiert.
(Singel Channels, SUMO, SUMD, auf andere Kanäle mischen usw.)
"neXt en" Sim geladen alles funktioniert.
Dann den Tip von Michael den Inhalt vom Controler Verz. leeren, RX2SIM noch mal in Windows Systemsteuerung einrichten und
dann HELI-X neu gestartet und Controler konfiguriert.
Ich konnte es nicht glauben, der Hubi steuerte so wie ich es wollte. :D

Guß Heiko

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Re: Interface Poll/Umfrage

Post by skycyclepilot » 24 Dec 2017 10:25

Heli-X 6.1 - can't wait for version 7!

Devo 10 Transmitter, reprogrammed with Deviation, and using the built-in USB interface. This works well, as you can use all the transmitter's functions, such as dual-rates, exponential, throttle hold, flight modes, etc.

Computer - AMD 1700 CPU, RX 480 graphics, 16 GB RAM, SSD, UHD IPS monitor, Windows 10-x64. I have all Open GL parameters set to their highest levels, and am running at 2160p, and Heli-X isn't even phased. You could crank up the graphics quality on Heli-X, for us power users with gaming systems!

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