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360 cfx

Post by toadiscoil » 09 Jul 2015 17:08

Hi all. I plan to buy a 360 cfx and I have a 200 srx. Anyone up to the task of some FP love and build the 200 and also build what probably will be the very best heli Blade has to offer? I have been flying the Goblin 380 as my main practice helicopter but the way it is built and tuned on Heli X it is the best helicopter ever. I am very beginner still flying my FP 200 srx so able to do some flips and crazy maneuvers with no form but being able to recover from those is amazing. But would like to be more to what I fly today and will fly tomorrow. The Goblin cost and steep learning curve in real life tells me I should not keep flying the Goblin or I will be spoiled unable to get such a bird for a long time and just feeling frustrated. Every so often is nice kind of going on a test drive on a car out of budget at a car dealership. Love Heli X.

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Re: 360 cfx

Post by JS1 » 13 Jul 2015 09:24

Hi! Nice you like the Goblin 380 model! For practicing CP flying it certainly isn't a bad choice in Heli-X.

When you make the step from a FP the biggest challenge often is the control of the quicker, more dynamic cyclic reactions and more power. First you need to get used to fly CP and the different characteristics aren't that important yet. The bigger the heli, the mode stable it usually is (plus better visibility), so to start CP in Heli-X you could even chose a 700 size heli at first. When you whant specifically a nimble, harder to control model like the 360 cfx the Goblin isnt that far away to start with. Maybe the TRex 450L or Gaui X3 are even closer. A Blade 550 or X5 would go somewhere in between.

Good luck!
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