new heli's

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new heli's

Post by allday3drc » 19 Feb 2015 02:32

will their be new helis added like the sab goblin 380 570 670 770 , blade 600 and 700 also blade 180cfx i like these helis alot and would love to have them in the sim :D

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Re: new heli's

Post by JS1 » 20 Feb 2015 16:53

Hehe, the wishlist is already long and with a ton of other helis too.

Especially for all the Goblins I am not sure if it would make sense to modell each size individually. At least for me they all look the same anyway. Better and easier to take either the 500 or 700 and adjust flight characteristics to your model (570, 670, 770) - Anyway, everyone has different components and thus different feel of the heli in flight.

Ofc, modelling for HELI-X is open to everyone, same as I modeled some types just being a user. As far as I am concerned though, it is unlikely I take the effort to model a heli where one almost identical already exists. Could be the perfect entry point for someone else though into modelling for HELI-X ... ;)
Modelling helis for Heli-X! See model build log here.

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