Lumenier QAV250

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Re: Lumenier QAV250

Post by lambite » 02 Apr 2015 15:44

No disrespect but I have to say there is not even close to how my quad flies take a look

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Re: Lumenier QAV250

Post by Fiesel » 08 Apr 2015 01:36

I do not see that big difference. Your quad looks like it has some more power compared to the Sims h250 model but besides that, it looks prette close.
Btw, you found a perfect spot for flying with all that open space and nice aligned trees.
Maybe adding some positive or negative expo and adjusting the controllers throttle signal could tune the h250 steering characteristics more to your liking? I set my throttle for the h250 to a linear range of 1300-2000 to stop the throttle Form cutting directly Below the center of the stick.

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