Heli-X doesn't execute

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Heli-X doesn't execute

Post by ssackett » 11 Jul 2013 18:02

This one had me going for a while but I finally figured it out. The script launch.command fails when $HOME contains a space. How might this happen you ask? In my case I migrated from an old Mac to a new one and in the process my home directory got changed from /Users/ssackett to "/Users/ssackett 1".

Rather than modifying launch.command I changed the name of my HOME directory to eliminate the space. This is a two step process and requires that you are administrator and the root account to is enabled.

Step 1:
Using the terminal app log in as root and change the directory name by executing a command similar to this: mv "ssackett 1" ssackett

Step 2:
Unlock "System Preferences | Users & Groups", right click on your user name and select "Advanced Options". Click the button labeled "Choose" to the right of "Home directory:" and navigate to the renamed directory. In my case this is "/Users/ssackett".

Restart the Mac and Heli-X should execute without trouble. One note of caution: I found that some of my preferences reverted to default values after doing this. The most obvious one was my desktop pictures changed and there may be others that I haven't noticed yet, but there were no disasters that I am aware of.


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