Blade HP6DSM - is it compatible?

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Blade HP6DSM - is it compatible?

Post by mendocinotim » 19 Apr 2013 18:22

I have an old Blade HP6DSM 6-channel controller, and would like to use it to control HELI-X.
When I plug it into the usb port on my iMac (power it up) and launch HELI-X, HELI-X sees the new controller and pops open a window asking if I want to configure it.
When go to the configure panel and am told to move all the sticks to their maximum and minimum positions, and do as it instructs, but none of the sliders will respond.

The dip switches are set as follows..
Switch Setting
1 down
2 down
3 down
4 up
5 down
6 down
7 down
8 down
9 down
10 down

Do you have any suggestions?

I also have an Aerofly Professional controler - and this works, BUT it looses calibration, and the heli starts to drift/rotate after just a few minutes of flight; so I have to keep calibrating it.
I thought the HP6DSM might be a better one to use.

Anyway, your thoughts?


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